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We Were Here Too – Review

We Were Here Too is a sequel to We Were Here; both are first-person two-player cooperative puzzle solving games. Developed and published by Total Mayhem Games. We Were Here Too was released on the 2nd of February almost exactly a year after its predecessor. Before beginning this game I highly recommend that you download and play the first game of the series so that you get an idea of how the games are played and because the first game is free, you will also come into the second game with a better idea how to tackle some future puzzles although playing the first game is not necessary. Both games are set at a medieval castle which is filled with a variety of puzzles and connecting clues to solve these puzzles. The aim of the game is to solve your way out of the castle and set you and your partner free. At the beginning of the game you and your partner have the choice of either playing as the Peasant or the Lord similar to that of the first game, depending on your choice you are thrown into different parts of the castle and straight away the game begins. The most integral part of this game is communication along with teamwork; you will find yourself explaining every detail of your surroundings regardless of relevancy and vice versa.

In We Were Here Too you’ll find a diverse range of puzzles but most of them at the core requires the same kind of thought process behind them. Once you have begun the game you and your partner will be in separate rooms or areas filled with different clues. You’ll first get acquainted with your surroundings and eventually start to look over everything multiple times trying to pick up on what is needed in order to move on and progress through the castle. Some of the fun generated by playing this game is finding a way to accurately communicate details to your partner. You have to try and explain things to your partner in a way that they may understand and vice versa which can lead to some entertaining circumstances. For example, trying to describe a certain symbol will vary from person to person and once you have figured out how your partner sees and describes these things you’ll start to form chemistry and move forward at a faster rate. This is the true first obstacle of both games.

You’ll find yourself immersed in the game quite quickly which is the way the game should be

As you progress and find yourselves facing new puzzles, there’s usually a good amount of time spent figuring out the solution to these puzzles which can add some frustration but also some more fun, the balance of difficulty is done quite well throughout the game. The various nuances in each room add to the ambience and feeling while you play. You’ll find yourself immersed in the game quite quickly which is the way the game should be. As you play that immersion adds to the depth and severity of some puzzles and drives you to solve them faster and also invokes a range of feelings as well which give the game another exciting element. You’ll find yourself feeling rushed, fearful, excited, relieved, and intrigued as well as many other things as you play. There are a few ways to fail an objective or lose the game but you won’t be punished for it because you are expected to fail at some point in a game like this, if you do find yourself failing a puzzle you will have the option of beginning from various checkpoints usually the last one you achieved. Once you have found yourself starting from a previous checkpoint you’ll notice that for most puzzles in the game the solution will have changed, once you have solved it before you will still know how to find the solution though. But this adds a nice element to the game so that restarting or replaying the game you won’t find yourself mindlessly plugging in the correct solution from memory.


The Negatives:

As this is a smaller game identifying negatives is a smaller task and thus there’s not a lot to report on.

With that being said like many games I ran into a couple of bugs, both of which caused quite an annoyance because we’d have to restart the game to rectify them. As aforementioned, the solution to most puzzles will change if you’re made to face it again due to failure, except there are a few puzzles that never change which is a little disappointing. To 100% the game you need to play as both characters and when I was playing the other character I ended up solving a few puzzles from memory because these puzzles didn’t require a different solution which turned those puzzles into more of a task. The play time of one playthrough of the game ranges from 1-2 hours, so if you value play time I would say this game is a little too short for its price point of $9.99 USD. To compare it with its predecessor, the first game is almost the same length in play time and is free.

The Positives:

This game is quite fun regardless of who you play with and I can see even with strangers you could form a friendship after finishing the game. It’s quite immersive and entertaining while keeping you engaged. The game encourages another playthrough as the character you haven’t played yet in order to obtain all the achievements and also even a third playthrough to find the hidden achievement which can all add to the games play time. It’s a straightforward game filled with many laughs and will keep you hooked until you finish it.

If you are a fan of the puzzle game genre then I recommend this game and its predecessor to you. Otherwise, I can still see both games being quite entertaining for someone that isn’t quite into these kinds of games or teetering on the thought of getting into the genre. This would make a good introductory puzzle game. If you value play time it may be a little short for its price point but that’s at your discretion. If you are after an immersive and engaging two-player game that you and a friend can play through with an appropriate amount of difficulty then this is the game(s) you are looking for. I would probably buy this game again if given the choice and I do recommend it to anyone. I’d give this game a rating of 6 out of 10. I enjoyed myself almost the entire time I was playing and shared laughs with my partner while we both also felt the games intended feelings as you play through. I hope this review was concise and informative so that you may make an informed decision on whether you’ll purchase this game. Thanks for reading.

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