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TWD: A New Frontier Episode 2 Review

Thank god “The Ties That Bind Part two” has already been released, episode one was so action packed that it left me craving more and episode 2 did not let me down.

In my version of episode 1, Kate, Javier’s main love interest was shot, his niece Mariana was killed, so its safe to say that the shit has officially hit the fan. The story actually takes some real unexpected turns this time around and did not go in the direction that I thought it would, and that was a good thing.

Basically the current town of Presscott they are staying at doesn’t have the right medical supplies for Kate and they are forced to move to a town called Richmond. On the way to Richmond they encounter a shitstorm worth of problems. Not only is each characters past more explained in this episode, but The New Frontier has finally been mentioned and it turns out is a large group of bandit like people.

Once again the decisions I made did seem to impact the story but I cant help but feel that no matter what choice i made the same outcome would of happened.

Episode 2 has a crazy amount of action scenes in it. Shooting zombies in the head, running away and almost dying a handful of times, this actually feels like a game now and less of a movie. I’m not complaining about the previous Telltale games that I really love, but just mentioning that the action scenes in this episode are worth noting. In terms of gameplay, Season 3 of The Walking Dead is leaps and bound over the previous 2 seasons.

The voice acting is awesome, probably the best walking dead cast we have had so far and a few familiar faces will pop up during episode 2. The one flaw of this episode is how fast the story seems to move on from the fact that a little girl and the main characters niece is dead. Obviously she is mentioned once or twice and if it was a adult lead character i wouldn’t mind, but the fact that it was a little girl probably means the episode deserved a mourning scene or something.

Episode 2 was really fun and once again has me begging for me. 8.5 out of 10.

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