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TWD: A New Frontier Episode 1 Review

10 years ago if i had told you that all of the gaming community would be waiting for a game that was mainly cut scenes and very little gameplay, you would of told me that i was insane. But here we are, all waiting for a chance to play The Walking Dead A New Frontier.

The last 2 seasons of Telltales the walking dead have followed the story of a young girl named Clementine and her journey through this zombie apocalyptic world. It really hasn’t been easy either. Telltale have introduced a lot of characters in the games but none of them have had the impact on us quite like Clem has, so it was only the smart thing to do to bring her back for round three.

Episode 1, “Ties that Bind” actually follows the story of Javier who is thrown into the new world with immediately losing his father to unknown reasons, only having his dad turn into a zombie and eat his mothers face. Fast forward 4 years and Javi has lost 2 brothers, a mum and dad and is now taking care of his niece and nephew as well as their step mum.

I don’t want to get to much into spoilers but basically Javier and his family run into an awkward set of circumstances that cause them to be split up. And this is where our hero Clementine steps in to help the before mentioned family reunite.

Seriously… i really don’t want to give any spoilers so I’m going to stop right there. The new family all have their own personalities that help flesh out who they were before all of this went down. Based off the limited explanations in the game, Javier is a fallen from grace poker player that was banned from gambling for shady dealings.

Is this starting to sound familiar? A teacher fallen from grace now in the possession of a small child and now a gambler fallen from grace now in the possession of children… hmmmm

Despite the similarities it was still a joy to play and i cant wait for them to delve into the back story more and for the characters to become people we love.

Telltale games are not known for their gameplay but for the story and the choices you make during the game. Each decision i actually made in this game really felt like i had caused something different to happen. And for this reason is the reason i will not play through this game again. I always find that playing through walking dead games twice really ruins them because you can see how shallow your choices really are.

In the short 1 hour and 15 minutes that i played episode 1 i have to say i was really on the edge of my seat. It all went so quickly though, from one thing to another to another and then it just ended. Thank god there is a second episode to play otherwise id have a bitter taste in my mouth.

Overall though i really think episode 1 was a great introduction to this new family, the short background story made you understand his family dynamic and the new characters you meet in the present are really cool to interact with. Bring on the rest of the season. 7.5 out of 10.

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