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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset Review

When it comes to purchasing a gaming headset, there are a few important factors I like to consider. Firstly, the headset needs to be fairly decent in sound quality and durability, it needs to be affordable and lastly, it needs to be easy to set up with no hassle to just pick up and play. One of the more recent offerings from Turtle Beach, the stealth 600 series does exactly that.

The stealth 600s is one of the first completely wireless gaming headsets for the Xbox console on the market. At the moment, you can pick one up for about roughly $A170. It’s a pretty solid mid-range budget headset and for that price, it’s packed with a truckload of premium headset features.

It connects to the console with the same wireless connection the Xbox one controller uses. It is literally so freeing to be able to quickly put the controller down and just walk to the fridge and grab a quick mid-game snack or a drink.  The only wire you’ll ever need is the charge cable; just a standard micro USB cable that comes supplied in the box. It has a battery life of roughly about 15 hours, so unless you’re a non-stop professional gamer, those times will be few and far between. Mine usually go on charge every 3 – 4 days, but that will vary depending on your gaming time. My headset did suffer from dropping the connection a lot at first, the problem has been fixed with a recent firmware update. I suggest right out of the box update the firmware as soon as you can, it was as simple as connecting the headset with the supplied cable to a PC and following the instructions.


The design of the headset is pretty standard; it looks nice in black with lime green edges for aesthetics, so it matches the Xbox console pretty well.  It is quite comfortable to wear for long periods of time without a fuss, although it is slightly heavier than my older headset, I put that down to being completely wireless so that it may add a little weight. The ear cups themselves are brilliant. If you wear glasses like me, the ear cups have a softer mesh on the sides. By doing this, the headset doesn’t press the glasses arms up to your face and the whole feel of it is just blissful. All the volume controls and audio settings are on the left ear cup, volume for game and chat audio controlled by two dials behind the air, so it allows you to quickly change the volume without going into the internal settings of your console. Turtle beach also have 4 pre-set equalizer settings which allow more bass, treble or both.

The sound is crisp and crystal clear. It’s not overdone on the bass and the treble doesn’t sound like you’re in a tin can. I was impressed with the overall sound of these bad boys although the volume as a whole wasn’t too high and with lack of noise cancelling in the 600s, which can be a bit troublesome for some users.  If this is a problem for you, an upgrade to the 700s could be more ideal as they have the extra noise cancelling and Bluetooth features.

The microphone is great; my friends in party chat can hear me clearly and much to the annoyance of my fellow party chat friends, the mic can pick up quite a fair amount of background noise with it. With a household like mine that can be a big letdown, the mic seems to pick up every single noise around it, which can be quite annoying to anybody on the other end. Luckily enough, the mic itself can be muted quickly by lifting the mic over the ear cup, so it can be muted and unmuted quickly if the situation calls for it.

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