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The Room: Old Sins review – Mind Tricking

Developer/Publisher – Fireproof Games
Platforms – iOS, Android
Release Date – January 25th (iOS), Android (coming soon)
Price – $4.99
Reviewed On – iPhone X

The Room is a long-running puzzle solving series that I’ve always heard praise about. I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was about so I decided to check out the 4th installment in the franchise subtitled Old Sins.

The story, more like a message, from what I can gather, ultimately brings you on a journey that teaches you that chasing dreams can easily turn into a nightmare. Throughout the game, you’re exploring a kid’s doll house. All parts of the game lead to different sections of the doll house like the kitchen and study, so you aren’t actually exploring the overall room that you were first place in. In order to say unlock things, you either have to press buttons or flip a switch that unlocks a further, usually smaller area, that has more things you can try and solve. Doing so will spawn some kind of…. greyed out wall that you have you use some special magnifying glass to see something the normal human eye can’t detect. Many times I kept on saying things here is so many moments that make you say “oh shit, so that’s where that goes” and “wow, it was there the entire time”.


On the technical side of things, this game is just absolutely phenomenal. The graphical detail that went into this game just blew me away, it’s the best looking iOS game behind Modern Combat: Versus! Everything from the insane lighting to small details like fine print being legible.

This game has an excellent hint system that’ll kick in after a while if you don’t figure out where to go or what to do. I tried not to use it to figure things out on my own but God damn sometimes it’s needed.

I only have a few problems with the game. First off is more of a preference. I know the game supports iPhone X since when you boot the game, a blue background appears and it’s fullscreen however the developers black out part of each side to make it seem like 16:9 which I rather have the game be fullscreen, at least an option would be nice. My next issue is framerate, it’s silky smooth throughout the game except when it comes to opening hatches or turning knobs where the framerate will seemingly cut in half and it just looks really bad. Finally, sometimes I get lost with these puzzles, like when you get a major component, you have to apply it to the house which I didn’t truly understand until maybe the 3rd time round. I went to various places to see if I was missing something then finally I used a hint.

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