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The PSVR Experience

The Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Headset recently made its way into the Unclenched Office. We came to the conclusion that unlike the Kinect or Playstation Move on its own, that VR would be around for a long time and be a huge part of the gaming industry. This is the main reason we got the PSVR and hey, we also wanted to give it a go ourselves and expand our growing list of video content for the website.

While I am writing this we at Unclenched have recorded about 10 videos across 7 or so games each one of them a different sort of experience. So we feel that we can safely give an honest opinion about this interesting product and hopefully shed some light for those of you who are considering getting one.

As of yet we do not how the Move Controllers that go with the VR Headset as they are on pre order and will not be ready until February (sad face). So far there has only been one game that we feel has been impacted by this and even then only slightly, there is a decent catalogue of VR games on the PS4 so far and only about 25% of them make having the Move controllers mandatory.

The headset is incredibly comfortable and has been able to successfully fit 3 different shaped heads. While the headset is great , the huge mass of wires is not. We understand that it is early days still for VR but the amount of cables we have to get around is frustratingly annoying at time, especially in games with a lot of movement required. I would say that it’s less that there is a lot of them and more that they are actually heavy cables. The next issue we see a lot of people facing is the fact that after a few minutes with the headset on, that the lenses start to fog up badly. Well this is true but nowhere near as bad as people making it out to be. We found that after a good 10 minutes of using and wiping, that the lenses would naturally defog themselves, we are assuming that once the lenses warm up the fogging decreases so do not be alarmed about fogging.

Like I mentioned earlier before we have played a fair few games using the PSVR and have come to the conclusion that games that you stay on the floor are much less sickening then games that you fly in. This seems obviously since in real life we also experience a similar thing. A lot of people will complain about feeling a tad sick or dizzy and we have personally experienced this ourselves while playing a game where you control a bird and a game that requires the player to fly a spaceship in space. Both of these games are lots of fun and I would recommend them, but after a solid 20 minutes of game play don’t be surprised if you need a small nap afterwards. Games that are controlled on the ground and don’t required you to do fast turning or barrel rolls seem to be able to be played for a lot longer. My longest session in one game was far over 2 hours and while I was very sweaty and dehydrated after the session, I didn’t feel sick at all.

The biggest complaint you will see online about the PSVR is the small amount of big titles. Buy a game for $29 and play it for 2 hours and be done… hardly seems fair and unfortunately that is pretty much the truth however there is a gem here and there. Games like Eagle Flight and Robinson The Journey are much fuller titles. Eagle Flight even brings a really fun Multiplayer game mode as well and is one I suggest getting if you have the stomach for it. Don’t be afraid to be patient either because games like Star Trek and Resident Evil 7 will both have VR compatibility. We have already played the Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo and it was an amazing experiences and one I can’t wait to relive when it is released next year.

Overall the PSVR is a solid gaming platform and yes you could wait for PSVR 2 to be released in a few years or you could jump on now and enjoy some really solid experiences. The headset is comfy apart from the heavy wires and fogging of the lenses isn’t a bit deal in the slightest. So if you have a space few hundred lying around so you can grab the PSVR, Playstation 4 camera and the Move then do so! Be apart of something big before it is hugely mainstream. (They really could of included the PS4 Camera for free)

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