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Tekken 7 Written Review

Let me be honest here, I had no idea there was even a Tekken 5 or 6, so when Tekken 7 came across my lap I was dreading playing a game series I haven’t played for 10 years. How much of the story would make sense to me? How badly would I get my ass kicked online? Would I even enjoy this game? Well let me tell you, it’s a big YES to all 3 of these.

The story of Tekken is very flushed out, after 7 titles it would want to be. Each character has their very own unique and deep history and as each Tekken game passes that story is delved into further. (I did my research).

The story of Tekken 7 is very simple, a son trying to please his much stronger and cruel father. It’s your standard revenge type story one that is very easy to follow and even enjoy if you haven’t really played a previous game in this franchise. The gameplay was a bit surprising to me however, instead of playing one character throughout the story, you actually play a huge variety of the characters that are available to play in online mode. Now I am sure that previous Tekken games have done this also, but I am very glad they continued this trend. I have no loyalty to any Tekken characters or a preference of who I would like to use, so by forcing me to try new players the story really showed me how incredibly unique each characters move list was.

The story went for quite a while and was enjoyable for the most part, my limited understanding of Tekken games is that the whole Son VS Father story has been done, but it is nice to see it with improved graphics and better story telling.

To help us remember characters that are NOT in the main story, there are also small side missions for each fighter. These stories are 5 or 6 pages of text that explain what is about to happen, then 1 quick fight and then a closing cut scene. It’s a cool extra bit of content and it will keep you busy for a few hours but it’s not something you will replay.

If you are a weirdo and are not connected to the internet in anyway there is a lot to do in this game, not only is there plenty of hours in story mode but also a treasure mode. Choose a character and fight your way through as many battles as you can. At the end of each fight you unlock a chest that has items that you can use to customize your fighters. By winning you also win gold that can be used to buy well… more things to that can be used to customize each Tekken fighter. Treasure mode is enjoyable and I did find myself playing it over and over to unlock stupid chests so that I could make my BOB (big fat fighter guy) look as funny as I could online.

We are however drawn back to online mode, why play treasure mode? So you can make your Tekken fighters look badass and unique. Tekken 7 is an online game, like I’ve already said there is a decent amount of content to do offline but let’s be real here, there is zero point to buying a fighting game these days unless you want to go online to kick some serious ass OR have your ass seriously kicked.

Even though I suck I still found myself drawn to tournament mode. I wanted to go online and see what sort of damage I could do, I mean I was in practice mode trying to figure out the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of different combos that each character has, I even figured out how to use most of the characters special ability ‘Rage Art’. This by the way is SO easy to use thank god. I always struggle to learn how to use the special attacks in fighter games, up down left right up B A RB to use the special. For the most part Tekken 7’s special ability is activated by pressing a direction and 2 buttons. So easy to activate and pull off and it really gives us noobs a fighting chance. You accumulate Rage by being close to death, so it actually gives the losing person the chance to come back and win the fight but be careful because ‘Rage Art’ can be blocked quite easy.

ANYWAY, Tournament mode is loads of fun. Up to 8 players get put into 1v1 brackets, the winner progresses and the loser is knocked out. In double elimination mode the losers have a chance to fight their way back into 1st spot but putting 2 losers together in another fight. Tournament mode has one flaw though however, if you are knocked out in the first round you are FORCED to watch the rest of the fights if you want any prizes whatsoever. 1st to 3rd prize gets a healthy amount of gold coins and treasure chests but even last place is rewarded for even participating which gives a decent incentive for players to stick around and watch better players fight.

I am not sure if it is because I am Australian or not but I really struggled to get into online games. The last trophy I had was to win a ranked match, now winning online was hard enough for me but it was made so much harder by the fact that I could not connect to a match. Perhaps my internet is to blame or maybe it’ll be patched in the future but this really ruined my early online experience and really the theme of this review is that this game is made for people who want to go online.

The biggest disappointment I had in this game is VR mode. Now I was getting this game regardless of VR or not but seeing VR Compatible on the game cover made me very excited. It was literally pointless, you could customise characters in VR mode but you couldn’t even get up close to the characters so you could perv on them. Believe me WE TRIED. You are also able to fight in VR mode but it’s still a profile view. Very disappointing and it seems it was added to almost fool certain people into buying the game. Maybe Tekken 8 will have more of a VR mode but for now it’s completely useless.

Tekken 7 is a very enjoyable game, if someone like me who doesn’t really play fighter games, is horrible at learning complex combos and has average internet can enjoy a game like this, then Tekken 7 must be complete bliss to fighter fans. The story is there interesting and cool and the fact that the characters talk Japanese with subtitles is so bad-ass but at the end of the day how many times will you play it. Every aspect of this game points you in the direction to play online. Literally every fight you win in any game mode gives you gold that lets you buy things so you can show them off to other players online. If you are bad at fighting games chances are you will lose many times, but the brilliant thing about Tekken is the controls are simple enough for you to win against good players but complex enough for the amazing playing to really stand out. I’ll never be an amazing player but I am proud to say that I had an online win streak of 5 wins and also came 2nd a few times in tournament mode. I rate Tekken 7 a flattering 8.5 out of 10.

-Victor Zanta

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