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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite – SEXY MS. MARVEL!!!

Victor and Lachy get their grubby little hands on the Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Demo! This story demo goes for ages and is the perfect showcase for what this game has to offer.

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Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play – WE ARE DONE (FULL GAME FINAL PART)

It’s the final part of our Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play. We had a bloody blast. Legit, it got bloody and disgusting. What a trip!

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Tekken 7 Written Review

Let me be honest here, I had no idea there was even a Tekken 5 or 6, so when Tekken 7 came across my lap I was dreading playing a game series I haven’t played for 10 years. How much of the story would make sense to me? How badly …

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For the sexy month of June, SpeedRunners is FREE if you have Xbox Live! Victor and Lachy jump straight in and race until their hearts are content. BOX BOX BOXED! SpeedRunners Let’s Play!

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Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play – WHO TO TRUST? (FULL GAME Part 15)

It’s the SECOND LAST Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play! Victor and Jeff find themselves in the creepiest mine-shaft to ever exist!

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GTA V Tiny Racers – Little BIG Chaos

Jeff and Victor are back in GTA V in the brand new game mode ‘Tiny Racers’. Once they figure out how to actually play the game type, it all kicks off. The scores get out of there favour so they do what they do best and gang up on the …

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Unclenched Video Podcast #12 – Assassins Creed Origins & Gwent

Victor and Jeff are back with another podcast. In this episode they discuss Assassins Creed Origins and the speculations about it’s story. Jeff gives us a smell review on Gwent, and they also randomly discuss when they lost their virginity.

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Solo Play – Sundered – Finding the Double Jump! (Part 2)

Victor is back in another episode of Solo Play! The game? Sundered! Victor has been forbidden to enter some areas of the game due to the lack of double jump, but all praise to the game gods he finally obtained the double jump skill!  

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Tekken 7 Let’s Play – The two Tekken n00bs!

Victor and Lachy stayed up until midnight to play Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4. Watch ad they try their very best to get some serious Tekken 7 Trophies.

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Solo Play – Sundered – My First Boss Fight (Part 1)

Victor is here with an early early copy of Sundered on Steam! Later being released on the PS4. Watch as he takes on the first boss fight of the game!  

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