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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Pleb Chef – Part 2

Introducing Jeff… The Pleb Chef. Episode 2 of Overcooked is here and things are heating up in the Kitchen.

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Nier Automata Let’s Play – Flailing Babies

Nier Automata popped up in our demo feed the other day so we thought we just had to play it. And well it turned out to be pretty fun and weird.

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GTA V Let’s Play – Deadline

Christmas is over bitches and its time to bike up and be Tron…. Do Tron?? Beat Tron??

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Overcooked Let’s Play – Our New Restaurant – Part 1

It’s our very first 3 person videos! Victor the head chef, Lachlan the Sous Chef and Jeff the Pleb Chef!

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VR Bros – Resident Evil 7 – VR Demo (Jeff’s Turn)

The VR Bros are back with the latest update in the Resident Evil 7 Demo! Now it is in VR with way more content. Check it out!

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 4 Final

It’s Lachlan and Victor’s final attempt at The Festive Seasoning DLC in Overcooked. Merry Christmas all!

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TWD: A New Frontier Episode 2 Review

Thank god “The Ties That Bind Part two” has already been released, episode one was so action packed that it left me craving more and episode 2 did not let me down. In my version of episode 1, Kate, Javier’s main love interest was shot, his niece Mariana was killed, …

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TWD: A New Frontier Episode 1 Review

10 years ago if i had told you that all of the gaming community would be waiting for a game that was mainly cut scenes and very little gameplay, you would of told me that i was insane. But here we are, all waiting for a chance to play The …

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 3

Christmas is getting so close!!! To get the Christmas sprit flowing, Lachy and Victor have been playing the latest DLC in Overcooked, The Festive Seasoning, here is part 3!

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 2

Episode 2 of our Overcooked Christmas Special Let’s Play is here! The Festive Seasoning DLC is proving to be quite the challenge for Lachlan and Victor.

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