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Warriors Orochi 4 – Nintendo Switch Review

Warriors Orochi 4 (WO4) is the latest entry in the “Warriors Orochi” series from publisher Koei Tecmo for Switch/Xbox/PS4/PC. It’s a fairly standard Warriors style game at first play, jumping you right into the action with very little fanfare. New comers to the series in particular (this humble reviewer included) …

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – LET’S PLAY – Free Roaming Mischief

Victor takes a step into the world of Red Dead Redemption. Cowboys, Horses, Guns and heaps of crime and wildlife. What will Victor do when the world is his oyster?

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Eximius: Seize the Frontline – Review

Somewhere between Call of Duty and Microsoft’s Age or Empires lies Eximius: Seize the Frontline. A first person shooter that with the push of a button becomes a real time strategy game. Like Call of Duty it’s a first person shooter where you run through the streets of a war …

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MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 Review

To be perfectly honest, at first, I thought this game was absolutely horrible. I had only played for 40-50 minutes so I assumed the rest of the game was going to be like what I had experienced in that brief amount of time. The general impression I got was that …

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Memories of Mars – LET’S PLAY – The PvP Expert!

New to early access on steam is the title Memories of Mars. This title is an online survival game with crafting, looting and mining. However Victor bumps into many other real life players that he must take out!  

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MTG Arena – Closed Beta Preview (Magic The Gathering)

Over the weekend we had the privilege of playing the MTG Arena Closed beta and these are our thoughts.

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We Were Here Too – Review

We Were Here Too is a sequel to We Were Here; both are first-person two-player cooperative puzzle solving games. Developed and published by Total Mayhem Games. We Were Here Too was released on the 2nd of February almost exactly a year after its predecessor. Before beginning this game I highly …

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm “Episode 3: Hell is Empty” Review

The third and final episode to Deck Nine’s Life is Strange prequel, Before the Storm, is a journey marked by ups and downs. Despite the inevitability inherent in making a prequel, Deck Nine have successfully managed to make their three-arc story feel fresh and exciting despite not offering much by …

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Tiny Metal review – A Clone of a Classic

Developer/Publisher – Area 35/Unties Price – $25 Platforms – PS4, Switch, PC Initial Release Date – December 21st, 2017 Reviewed On – PS4 Pro Tiny Metal is a spiritual successor to the Nintendo series Advance Wars and it doesn’t do as well as it should. The story follows Nathan Gries, …

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Door Kickers: Action Squad – QUICKLY, DEFUSE THE BOMB!

Many hostages have been saved by this duo in the past. Now they are called upon once again to defuse the biggest bomb in history. Victor and Lachy team up once again in Door Kickers: Action Squad!

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