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Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC – Review

Victor is here with his review of Marvel’s Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps The Heist DLC!

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Victor and Jeff are back in VIDS 4 KIDS LEGO Harry Potter! In this episode Harry stars in his first match of Quidditch against Slytherin. However professor Snape (or so we assume) starts using spells against Harry to make him fall of his broom! After all of that mayhem, Harry …

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PSN Name Changes Finally Happening?

Wes the Aussie Gamer goes over the PSN Name Change Rumour! Will it finally be done and will they charge us?

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70 Million PS4’s Sold! Well Done Sony!

Wes the Aussie Gamer congratulates Sony on the 70 Million PS4’s Sold!  

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Knowledge is Power #2 – IS BITCOIN WORTH IT?!

Victor, Jeff and Madz are back in Knowledge is Power the brand new Playlink game on the PS4. Who will take the victory this time and prove to be the better quiz master?

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Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC – Isabel’s Adventure

God, how many Infinite Minigolf videos can these two do. It’s seriously starting to get pathetic… Victor and Jeff face off in blah blah blah Isabel’s Adventure. Enjoy!

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Knowledge is Power #1 – The Trivia Game of the Future!

Madz, Jeff and Victor face off in our very first trivia game! Knowledge is Power just came out for the PS4 Playlink! Who will win? Stay tuned to find out.

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Final Fantasy IX rated for PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy IX joins VII, X/X-2, XII: The Zodiac Age, XIV: Stormblood, XV, World of, Monster of the Deep, Type-0, and Dissidia as the list of Final Fantasy titles on PlayStation 4. It was just rated by PEGI, so who knows when it might launch. We’re likely to hear about …

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7 Days to Die Anew – Day/Night 1

We are back in 7 days to die. This will be a long series so we hope you enjoy! New episode every week! Seriously every week. If you guys want more episodes each week let us know!

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Nioh Let’s Play – VICTORS PLAN?!

Victor and Jeff are back in Nioh and are still getting their asses kicked by a bitch ass boss. This Nioh Let’s Play was sponsored by Did you enjoy this video? Make sure you subscribe!

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