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Red Dead Redemption 2 – LET’S PLAY – Free Roaming Mischief

Victor takes a step into the world of Red Dead Redemption. Cowboys, Horses, Guns and heaps of crime and wildlife. What will Victor do when the world is his oyster?

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay | Outnumbered 4V1

Victor and Lachy enter the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance in this awesome let’s play of a game you should 100% get. There are bugs, glitches and annoying gameplay mechanics but overall this game is amazing and its only getting better each update.

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In this episode Madz and Lachy team up to try and take on the competition. It’s hard playing Call of Duty WWII against people with no lives however!

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VIDS 4 KIDS – Butter & Friends Babysitter Sim

Lachy and Victor are here with a VIDS 4 KIDS in Butter & Friends Babysitter Sim! Watch as they try to protect Butter from all the baddies in the house!

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Solo Play – Rise & Shine – Part 2

Victor is back with more Rise & Shine. He quickly finds out that this game isn’t joking around. Watch as he gets his ass kicked many times.

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7 Days to Die Anew – Day/Night 2

We are in day 2 now and it’s time to get a move on. Victor is out looking for a water source that both boys desperately need. While Victor is out exploring, Jeff is gathering resources so that he can build up and reinforce the house.

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 4 Final

It’s Lachlan and Victor’s final attempt at The Festive Seasoning DLC in Overcooked. Merry Christmas all!

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 3

Christmas is getting so close!!! To get the Christmas sprit flowing, Lachy and Victor have been playing the latest DLC in Overcooked, The Festive Seasoning, here is part 3!

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Overcooked Let’s Play – The Festive Seasoning – Part 2

Episode 2 of our Overcooked Christmas Special Let’s Play is here! The Festive Seasoning DLC is proving to be quite the challenge for Lachlan and Victor.

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7 Days to Die Let’s Play #6 – The Hidden Treasure

Day 7 In 7 Days to Die is almost upon us! While Jeff is reinforcing the house, Victor sets off to find the treasure located on the treasure map that he located.

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