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How To Change Your PS4 Messages To Private

Wes the Aussie Gamer takes us through how you can Change your PS4 messages to private.

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GAME SCOOP – Nintendo Switch SELLS BIG & PUBG vs Lawbreakers!

This week on GAME SCOOP, Wes the Aussie Gamer gives us a run through of just how much the Nintendo Switch has been selling in the US. The creators of Lawbreakers are also blaming PUBG on their low sales for the game. Is it true though?

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EA in Dire Straights? Get The Facts!

Wes the Aussie Gamer gives you the CORRECT information about how EA have been tracking amongst all of this Battlefront 2 mayhem!

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YouTube now in 4K 60FPS on Xbox One X

Wes the Aussie Gamer goes over how YouTube is now in 4K, 60FPS on the Xbox One X!

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Wes the Aussie Gamer goes over the some of the major winners at the Game Awards in 2017! Who will walk away with the big win?!

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PSN Name Changes Finally Happening?

Wes the Aussie Gamer goes over the PSN Name Change Rumour! Will it finally be done and will they charge us?

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70 Million PS4’s Sold! Well Done Sony!

Wes the Aussie Gamer congratulates Sony on the 70 Million PS4’s Sold!  

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THE NEWS! (NAME PENDING) – Gamers Unite Over Battlefront 2 & PUBG at 60FPS?!?

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Help us name this new series on the Unclenched channel. Each week our very own Wes (Aussie Gamer) discusses some of the biggest news to hit gamers in the last week. This week on the show, we discuss how gamers have united over this big Battlefront …

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Xbox One X Massive Warning! Must Watch!!

Aussie Gamer goes over the big Xbox One X news that hit this week. You must give it a watch just in case it impacts you!

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