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SuperHot VR Written Review

Two versions of SuperHot recently got released on the PlayStation network, an ordinary version and a PSVR version. While I can’t guarantee that the normal version is fun, I can guarantee that the VR version is EPIC.

The PSVR has had a series of fun VR games, they are all groundbreaking in their own way since they are in VR, but Superhot manages to bring in brand new game physics, ideas and does it in such a great and unique way.

Think Matrix meets Mirrors Edge 1 with a dash of F.E.A.R involved. You are thrown into a world where time is based on your actions, move your hand or tilt your head slightly and time speeds up, go back to barely moving and everything slows down to a crawl. Why is it in slow motion I hear you ask? Well how else are you going to dodge bullets, catch guns in midair, throw staplers and bottle enemies over their head. This is where the Matrix part comes into play, because of the VR and motion controls, you literally have to dodge and weave under and around bullets and since you can stop time just by not moving a muscle you can actually plot out how you will dodge the bullets.

Each segment of each level puts you against a series of enemies. Sometimes weapons are scattered around you when you spawn, pistols, uzi’s, shotguns and sometime ninja stars. Other times you start with no weapons around you at all, apart from the one an enemy is holding near you, so what do you do? You punch him in the face, grab the gun that is slowly flying into the air, dodge a few bullets like Neo and shoot his buddies.

The thing that makes this game extra intense is that it only takes one bullet, one punch or 1 item touching yourself or the enemies to die. Having 3 or 4 enemies shooting at you at one time can be very stressful and difficult to dodge, but it’s extremely fair and when you die you have no one to blame but yourself. At the end of the day Super Hot has the best gameplay out of any VR game that I have ever played. There is so much joy involved when you catch a gun in midair, or are duel wielding uzi’s or shotguns and it never gets old.

Throughout the game there are many moments where you are forced to pick up and throw an object to kill an enemy. Since the Motion controls are basically an extension of your hands, this throwing mechanic can be very difficult, precision timing and strength is required and it can take you out of the experience a little. After finishing the game once I did find that I was much better at throwing, but still it is much harder than it has to be.

The amount of reply value is exciting but also very daunting. If you are like me and enjoy trophy hunting be prepared to never fully finish this game. The main mode of course is story mode. The story is very pointless and I didn’t really follow it. The story is purely there to give you a reason to be an epic bad-ass and to throw you into a series of simulations that differ from the last. To finish the game it will only take an hour or 2 depending on your skill level.

When you finish the main story there are 5 or 6 different modes. Hardcore mode is very similar but has some vital differences, for starters each gun only have 1 bullet instead of an actual clip. Instead of always being in some sort of slow motion the speed is increased WAY more when moving making it so much harder to line up shots and dodge bullets. Other game modes like time trial and no death are so difficult that I personally will never achieve them. However if you are naturally amazing at this game, it will add hour and hour of content.

The graphics are simple, polygon enemies and simple colours that make up the world. White walls, black weapons, red enemies. It’s all very simple and a perfect fit for the game. The sound is great, it’s not earth shattering but it really does help the game feel more realistic.

If you have a PSVR and Move Controllers, do yourself a favour and pick this title up. It adds new elements and is a very unique game. The gameplay is outstanding and the hours of enjoyment are long lasting. Make sure you bring a towel because you will sweat a lot. I give this title 9 out of 10.

-Victor Zanta

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