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Unclenched Podcast #6 – The Last of Us Part II, Christmas Time!

It’s our last podcast of the year (most likely). This episode all 3 of the Unclenched team are on board as they discuss Christmas, the influence games have on people, The Last of Us Part II and way more. Make sure you give this episode a listen to support our …

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Unclenched Podcast #5 – Sexpo, Huge No Man’s Sky Updates!

This week on the very sexual episode of the Unclenched Podcast the boys discuss the huge update that just hit No Man’s Sky. The features added are huge and Jeff thinks that it now sounds like a real game. Victor mentions that the next season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead …

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Unclenched Podcast #4 – NES Mini, New Telltale Game?!?

Episode 4 of the Podcast is here ladies and gents. This week in a very heavy gaming podcast the boys discuss which one of the Tell-tale games is their favourite, they quickly mention the NES Mini as well as talk about their sickening experiences using PSVR.

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Unclenched Podcast #3 – Playstation VR, Japanese French Maids

This week on the Unclenched Podcast, Victor takes Jeff down memory lane as he recounts his trip to Japan. Not only did Victor become a wizard but he also discovered the beautiful thing that is the bidet. (toilet that washes your ass) Also this week the lads discuss the new …

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Unclenched Podcast #2 – Kids on Leashes, Horrible Tinder Dates

We are back with Podcast episode #2! This time around the guys discuss their horrible Tinder experiences as well as come up with a new business plan to sell kid leashes for a living. (but not really). Have you ever had a meal served on a chopping board or in …

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Unclenched Podcast #1 – Pet Kangaroos, No Man’s Sky Let Down!

  We enjoyed making episode 0.5 for you so much that Episode #1 is already here. Victor and Jeff are back and this time around they focus on disappointing game titles and DLC. Sadly they still managed to talk about bad toilet habits as well as being the proud owner …

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Unclenched Podcast #0.5 – Sexy McGonagall, PS4 Pro Sucks?

  It’s our very first Podcast ever. It was meant to be a test run but we decided that it turned out so well that we would share it with the public. Listen to where it all started for Unclenched in episode #0.5. Make sure you drop us a comment …

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