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Reverie mixes two perfect games into one!

Reverie is a PlayStation Vita (with support for PlayStation TV) and PlayStation 4 title coming in 2018 from the New Zealand developer Rainbite (published by Eastasiasoft in Japan/Asia). It’s an action-adventure that is like a cross between Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda.

The entire story is based on the Maori legend. You play as a kid named Tai who is exploring the island of Toromi while he is on summer vacation. Toromi Island is being threatened by angry spirits so Tai must fight his way through dungeons. There is six different dungeons with a diverse lineup of environments to venture through.

Rainbite explains that the game is designed to be like old style adventure games like Zelda: Links Awakening. This basically means that the map is completely made out of tiles. Each title is 960×544 which is the PlayStation Vita and Rainbite scales the pixel art from 318×180.

The developer says on their site:

Reverie does have a slight difference in our tile system as some of the tiles are double the Vita screen width or height, or even more.  For example, the home town which we have shown parts of in various Twitter images and GIFs, is two tiles wide and six tiles high giving the player more freedom to wander the town.

Now one thing that the developers really wanted was a living world. Everything from the leaves blowing and butterflies flying around to NPCs looking at you as you approach them. I applaud Rainbite for trying to make a world that is not basic, giving it life is really neat.

Ryan’s Note: I love the paranormal. When I was nine years old, my mother passed away and only a few minutes after she died, I saw her smiling happily at me at the end of the hallway at my old house as some sort of a send-off. Since then, the world of ghosts, spirits, demons, and the rest of that stuff just interested me after that happened. Everything from the TV show Ghost Adventures to the game Daylight, I just get so invested in the subject of the dead interacting with the living. When I saw this game, I instantly fell in love with the art style. Digging a little deeper, I found out about the plot. Finding out it deals with the paranormal just means I need to play this, like, the second it comes out!

You can follow the developer here.

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