Monday , July 16 2018

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E3 Bethesda Roundup

Once again Bethesda have graced us with another E3 showcase, and… I’m not sure why they bothered. Almost everything on show has been reported on already, and most of the new stuff was a bit underwhelming. They started with a showing of their VR selections, Fallout 4 and Doom, both …

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Tekken 7 Written Review

Let me be honest here, I had no idea there was even a Tekken 5 or 6, so when Tekken 7 came across my lap I was dreading playing a game series I haven’t played for 10 years. How much of the story would make sense to me? How badly …

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For the sexy month of June, SpeedRunners is FREE if you have Xbox Live! Victor and Lachy jump straight in and race until their hearts are content. BOX BOX BOXED! SpeedRunners Let’s Play!

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