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Nintendo SWITCH – Brand new console from Nintendo!

While I was tucked away in my bed, Nintendo released their trailer for the brand new Nintendo Switch console. As a gamer that has dropped off from Nintendo consoles the last 6 or 7 years I’ve got to say that this console looks pretty awesome.

The Switch is a mixture of both a normal console and a portable one. Playing Skyrim at home and you realize you are running late for work? Not a problem… just jump into the car and drive one handed while playing.. NO PLEASE do not do this. Once again the new Nintendo Console is targeted at a very specific crowd of people and there is nothing wrong with that but most of the situations people were in in the trailer were either people that lived next door to friends, would walk their dog to a field and play at the same time or people that game on planes… Let’s be real here people, not many people do that or live in those player friendly situations.

That doesn’t mean this console isn’t cool as f$%k. It is cool and fingers crossed Nintendo lifts the ban on making gaming videos for their licensed games because Unclenched would totally do videos on this latest console. Anyway here is the full trailer. ENJOY!

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