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GIBZ Written Review

Zombies, gore, guns and simplicity. That is what we loved about GIBZ. What do you expect when you play a little Arcade Game, generally not much, you honestly just expect to have fun, and that’s exactly what we did. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to sit through the story line much as we were having too much fun playing the game but it will definitely be something we re-visit either as Unclenched or in our own personal time.

The game play is simple your pick your character, you get given a pistol, you walk outside and all hell breaks loose. If you want a trigger happy game, then GIBZ is the game for you, as it was definitely the game for me. The first aspects of the game are of you slaughtering your way through hoards of zombies until you reach a Boss, to which it does take you a little more time to really think about how you should be challenging your way through.

Unfortunately as we were having so much fun playing the game it did take us quite some time to work our way through the bosses as some were quite challenging. Once through the bosses it was onto the next hoard of zombies to do it all over again. Regrettably this did give the game a little bit of a repetitive feel, however the effortlessness of the game to be fun even made the most repetitive of tasks enjoyable. The creator (Torrunt) has also spent time on creating bosses that were unique and different in each stage to which actually made the repetitiveness of slashing and shooting through masses of zombies enjoyable as you wanted to experience the next level of combat.

Although I did like playing this on PC via steam, I would absolutely love to see this game made into a phone application. I can definitely see myself spending hours slashing, shooting and burning my way through zombies on the morning commute. If GIBZ was anything to go by, I can’t wait for the next installment or development of what Torrunt has to offer.



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