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Eagle Flight VR Review (PS4)

Eagle Flight is Add to dictionary first attempt into the VR world and its a pretty interesting and fun entry into the slowly growing list of VR titles out so far for the PS4. The name Eagle Flight pretty much sums up the main mechanic of this game in a tight little package, you put on the VR headset and you are instantly transformed into a majestic and beautiful Eagle that flies around a version of a post apocalyptic Paris. Out of all the VR games that I have played so far this one feels the most unnatural and believe it or not that’s a really good thing since its not everyday that you can fly like an eagle. Using use your head to steer left or right as well as dive and fly up by looking up or down. The controller is only used to speed up, slow down, fire a projectile and no not bird poo but a sonic wave that is omitted with your birds vocals and to shield yourself. The tutorial HIGHLY recommends that instead of physically looking left and right to turn, that you just tilt your head left and right which if you think about it is actually how a bird turn. While both myself and the game highly recommends turn like that, it can take some time to actually get the hang of it.

I probably played Eagle Flights for 5 or 6 hours and it definitely took me a few hours to get used to the tilting instead of looking. If after a few hours you have not mastered the art of turning then count yourself out of luck because if your neck hasn’t snapped off from the sheer pain of looking left then right to turn then you most likely cannot progress the story any further. Let me explain. At the start of the story which has a really amazing wild life documentary style voice over you fly from mission to mission. These first 7 missions are fairly easy and require you to fly through hoops as fast as you can, collect feathers and even collect fish to eat and my favourite game mode is the fighting other birds by shooting my voice at them. 8 onwards gets a little more difficult and while you can still progress the story with the non recommended way of turning it becomes harder and harder each mission. The format of the missions stay the same, fly through hoops and fight other birds but the degree of difficulty is greatly increased due to the fact that the turning becomes might tighter and requires you to learn how to play this game properly. However once passed that obstacle the game isn’t to difficult to beat and I beat the main story in about 5 hours or so. A 5 hour story mode in a VR game is fair since the price isn’t that of a full retail game. If you happen to fail a game type you can restart, one huge glitch I came across was if i ever restarted a mission after I had completed it the game would crash 100% of the time. Easily patched so no biggie

To help flesh out the amount of activities you can do the game has a series of collectibles hidden around the city of Paris that you can collect. Collecting the collectibles was probably one of my favourite experiences in the game since it allowed me to just sit back and fly around without the stress of a timer or another bird trying to shoot me down. The main draw for this game is the fact that it has a 3 on 3 multiplayer mode. I honestly had no idea that it existed when I initially downloaded this game so wow that was a surprise. In a nutshell the multiplayer in Eagle Flight is a modified version of a traditional capture the flag game but instead of a flag it involves a cute little bunny CORPSE. Capture the corpse and bring it back home simple right? WRONG. The multiplayer surprisingly has a lot of strategy that can be involved if you have a decent team that is willing to work together. When carrying the corpse you are at risk of losing it if you are hit by the enemies attacks or if you are to careless and crash into buildings. It is so important to help defend the player that has the corpse otherwise you will lose the game quite quickly. If you are however alone you can use the buildings as cover and fly in and out of them like in an action movie.

Overall Eagle Flight is a solid VR title for the PlayStation 4 and one that I recommend if you haven’t used your VR in a while or you are new to the VR world. The story mode isn’t very long or difficult especially once you get the hang of it and the multiplayer is actually a lot of fun if you manage to actually find a game. If you can get past the occasional dizzy spell, the fact that the game only had one multiplayer mode and the small bug here and there then I think you will really enjoy this game for what it is. 6 out of 10.

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