Tuesday , October 17 2017
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7 Days to Die Let’s Play #7 – NIGHT SEVEN!

The big one is here… Night 7 in 7 Days to Die is upon us. Jeff and Victor have spent the last 6 days surviving the best they could. They reinforced their house, they found enough food and water and they still have not died. How will it end!?

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VR Bros – 2KVR Experience

VR Bros is back with the ultimate basketball experience… Well not really but 2KVR is enjoyable enough especially played against friends!

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7 Days to Die Let’s Play #6 – The Hidden Treasure

Day 7 In 7 Days to Die is almost upon us! While Jeff is reinforcing the house, Victor sets off to find the treasure located on the treasure map that he located.

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GTA V Let’s Play – The GTA Games (Part 3 Final)

The rules are easy! The player that completes more objectives wins. Who will win the final episode of The GTA Games!

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GTA V Let’s Play – The GTA Games (Part 2)

Watch episode one for a reminder of the rules! In episode 1 of The GTA Games Jeff and Victor both had a chance to secure a point and both failed miserably.

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GTA V Let’s Play – The GTA Games (Part 1)

We are back in the world of GTA V with a brand new custom made game type! The GTA Games sees Victor and Jeff running around trying to complete objectives. I hope you enjoy Part 1 of 3!

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7 Days to Die Let’s Play #5 – Setting Up Defences

We are drawing closer to Night 7! Jeff and Victor find themselves with a small supply of food and defence and realize quick that they will need both if they want to reach day 8!

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VR Bros – Space Rift

In this episode of Space Rift, Victor finds himself behind the wheel and ends up feeling quite queasy. Will he puke? Did you enjoy this video? Make sure you subscribe!

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Contra Let’s Play – Co-op Madness!

Contra was just released on the PlayStation 4 and the boys tried their best to pay homage to an absolute classic title. The guys are used to working together but this is a while new level of Co-Op.

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VR Bros – Eagle Flight

This episode Jeff embodies the spirit and energy of an eagle in Eagle Flight VR! Victor just insults his flying skills and reviews his efforts.

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