Sunday , September 24 2017
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – JOINING THE PUBG HORDE! (DUO’S)

PUBG is obviously the game of choice right now & Unclenched can finally climb on board and participate! Watch Victor and Madz try to win the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Duo Crown!

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Everybody’s Golf – The Deciding Match (Final)

Jeff and Victor are back with the final match of Everybody’s Golf. Victor won the 1st match, Jeff won the 2nd. Who will take it out and WIN the Everybody’s Golf Championship?

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy – CRUSHING DIFFICULTY | Chapter 9 (FINAL)

The final Chapter of Uncharted The Lost Legacy on Crushing Difficulty! Watch Victor and Jeff slowly make their way through End of the Line!

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Knack 2 – Discovering Co-Op!

Victor and Jeff jump into the soon release Knack 2! Little did they know they could do co-op and lay a whole innocent village to rubble!

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Everybody’s Golf – DEEP IN THE ROUGH (Part 2 of 3)

We are back in Everybody’s Golf! Victor took out round 1 and is looking for a perfect 3 wins in a row! Jeff however is on the prowl and eager to get a victory! Who will win!?

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The Lost Bear – Firefly All Collectables Trophy!

Victor shows you all the locations for the Firefly Trophy in The Lost Bear. Smash all of the Firefly Jars!

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The Lost Bear – Honey Bear Trophy Guide

In this video Victor will show you how to get the Honey Bear Trophy in The Lost Bear. Find Walnut’s Brother eating honey!

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy – CRUSHING DIFFICULTY | Chapter 8

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 8 Partners! Watch us struggle through but come out on top!

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The Lost Bear PSVR Review

Victor is here with his The Lost Bear PSVR Review. The Lost Bear isn’t your ordinary PSVR game. Watch the reasons why here!

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Everybody’s Golf – THE NEW RIVALRY! (Part 1 of 3)

Everybody’s Golf is out, and Victor and Jeff go HEAD TO HEAD in a 1 on 1 competition! Who will win round 1!?

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