Friday , November 24 2017
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Xbox One X Massive Warning! Must Watch!!

Aussie Gamer goes over the big Xbox One X news that hit this week. You must give it a watch just in case it impacts you!

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VIDS 4 KIDS – LEGO Harry Potter #3 – TROLL! in the hallway

Victor and Jeff are back with another VIDS 4 KIDS in LEGO Harry Potter. This time Harry and Ron run to Hermione’s recue to save her against the Troll!

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Tabletop Knights – Let’s Play Entropy Worlds Collide

Madz and Victor face off in Entropy World Collide. This Let’s Play has 2 rounds of intense action!

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Indie Showcase – Door Kickers: Action Squad

Welcome back to the Indie Showcase. This week we play Door Kickers: Action Squad from Pixel Shard and Killhouse Games.

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In this episode Madz and Lachy team up to try and take on the competition. It’s hard playing Call of Duty WWII against people with no lives however!

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Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC – Getting That Pirate Booty

Victor and the champ Jeff are back in Infinite Minigolf! This time they put on their eye patches and play in the Tortuga DLC. Who will win?

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L.A Noire #1 – “The Victim Appears to be Circumcised”

L.A Noire has been re released on the PS4 and Jeff and Victor are on the case! In this on going series, watch as the guys use their detective skills to solve crimes!

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The ABC’s Of Shipwrights of the North Sea – #DADDBG

Thanks for watching the ABC’s of Shipwrights of the North Sea, designed by Shem Phillips, illustrated by Mihajlo Dimitrievski and published by Garphill Games! The ABC’s (A.nalysis/Overview, B.asic Rules, C.ompnents/conclusion) is a quick and simple break down of games to give you a high level overview. We cover the basics …

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VIDS 4 KIDS – Butter & Friends Babysitter Sim

Lachy and Victor are here with a VIDS 4 KIDS in Butter & Friends Babysitter Sim! Watch as they try to protect Butter from all the baddies in the house!

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Tabletop Knights – Entropy Worlds Collide Review

Madz and Victor, the Tabletop Knights are back with a review for Entropy Worlds Collide! This tabletop game is a trick taking card game that is LOADS of fun. Our let’s play will be live soon!

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