Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Dice Throne Let’s Play – Pyromancer VS Monk #TTK

Welcome to our brand new Tabletop Channel! In our very first episode we play Dice Throne. Victor is playing the Pyromancer and Madz is the Monk and it is a crazy intense match. We love this game so if you have any recommendations of games you want us to play …

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Arena For The Gods Unboxing – Tabletop Knights

The Tabletop Knights are back with another awesome unboxing video this time in Arena For The Gods by iello! This is one of the more impressive unboxing reviews yet! Did you enjoy this video? Make sure you subscribe on YouTube!

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GLOOMHAVEN Unboxing – Tabletop Knights

Victor and Madz are back with their biggest unboxing video to date! The Gloomhaven 2nd Edition is HUGE, thousands of pieces ready to be played in an adventure that could take us year. We hope you enjoy this video!

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A Game of Thrones Catan Let’s Play – Tabletop Knights

Victor, Jeff and Madz team up as well as compete in the new A Game of Thrones version of Catan. In this Brotherhood of the Watch setup, the three of them must work together as well compete in order to gain the most victory points as well as guards stationed …

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Tabletop Knights – A Game of Thrones Catan Unboxing

When we heard that there was going to be a Game of Thrones version of Catan we immediately pre ordered it! In this video Victor and Madz unbox the Game of Thrones edition of Catan. The Brotherhood of the Watch!

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Tabletop Knights – Dice Throne Let’s Play

It’s Madz VS Victor in this epic 1 on 1 in Dice Throne the newly funded Kickstarter game. Dice Throne uses a combination of Dice, Cards and powers to defeat the enemy!

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Tabletop Knights – Let’s Play Entropy Worlds Collide

Madz and Victor face off in Entropy World Collide. This Let’s Play has 2 rounds of intense action!

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Tabletop Knights – Entropy Worlds Collide Review

Madz and Victor, the Tabletop Knights are back with a review for Entropy Worlds Collide! This tabletop game is a trick taking card game that is LOADS of fun. Our let’s play will be live soon!

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Tabletop Knights – Custom Heroes Unboxing

The Tabletop Knights are BACK! (Finally) with the Unboxing video for Custom Heroes. What sort of goodies will they uncover? Stay tuned because we will be releasing A LOT of new Tabletop Knight Videos!

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Tabletop Knights – Catan (Pilot Episode)

Victor and Lachy are joined by our brand new Games master Madz in the very first episode of Tabletop Knights! Catan’s rules are simple, first to score 10 points win. Collect resources by rolling the dice number near your settlements, use the resources to build roads so that you can …

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