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Re Reviewed – Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a fun and challenging metroidvania type game. From that you should more or less know what to expect from this game, light RPG elements, 2D graphics, and a lot of backtracking. What’s interesting to note is that despite belonging to a sub-genre inundated with half-assed clones of great …

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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Written Review

So I am not sure if you have heard, but a small game franchise by the name of Crash Bandicoot just released their N Sane Trilogy that features 3 of their biggest Crash titles. Crash is BACK and I hate to jump onto the band wagon but boy I was …

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Re Reviewed – Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last light Redux is an amazing FPS game that combines multiple genres such as sci-fi, post-apocalypse, politics, paranormal, and horror to create an exciting and varied ride. To be more specific, Metro: Last Light Redux is the remastered sequel to Metro 2033 and while most people may feel unsure about sequels due …

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This War of Mine – The Little Ones Written Review

A post E3 sale has hit PSN, and with it comes a gem of a game in This War of Mine – The Little Ones. At the moment you can snatch it up for the price of a Large Big Mac meal. Is it worth skipping lunch for though? Yes …

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Resident Evil 7 Written Review

Resident Evil 7 is the fantastic entry in the legendary franchise that’s been around for the past 21 years. To be more specific, Resident Evil 7 is the franchise’s return to its survival horror roots, but rather than sticking to the typical third person view, it’s first person. Though this …

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Re Reviewed – Broforce

Broforce is a hysterical and fun pixel based shoot ‘em up sidescroller. I have to emphasize just how funny this game is, it doesn’t take itself seriously at all and it’s one of the funniest games I’ve played in a long time, there’s plenty of laugh out loud moments. Besides consisting of well-done sophomoric humor/parodies, there are …

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Tekken 7 Written Review

Let me be honest here, I had no idea there was even a Tekken 5 or 6, so when Tekken 7 came across my lap I was dreading playing a game series I haven’t played for 10 years. How much of the story would make sense to me? How badly …

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Re Reviewed – Alan Wake

I’ve heard many good things about Alan Wake for the past few years and for some reason it took me a while to finally get started with it. It seems that’s a general habit for me and my games on Steam. I purchased Alan Wake nearly three years ago and it was …

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Gwent – Open Beta Written Review (PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE)

Those of you that have played The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt will be familiar with the word “Gwent” and the feelings that it stirs up. Joy, excitement, wonder, maybe even a touch of frustrated rage. Geralt was never short a lusty tavern wench eager for a game or two, …

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GIBZ Written Review

Zombies, gore, guns and simplicity. That is what we loved about GIBZ. What do you expect when you play a little Arcade Game, generally not much, you honestly just expect to have fun, and that’s exactly what we did. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to sit through the story …

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