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For the sexy month of June, SpeedRunners is FREE if you have Xbox Live! Victor and Lachy jump straight in and race until their hearts are content. BOX BOX BOXED! SpeedRunners Let’s Play!

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Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play – WHO TO TRUST? (FULL GAME Part 15)

It’s the SECOND LAST Resident Evil 7 VR Let’s Play! Victor and Jeff find themselves in the creepiest mine-shaft to ever exist!

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GTA V Tiny Racers – Little BIG Chaos

Jeff and Victor are back in GTA V in the brand new game mode ‘Tiny Racers’. Once they figure out how to actually play the game type, it all kicks off. The scores get out of there favour so they do what they do best and gang up on the …

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Tekken 7 Let’s Play – The two Tekken n00bs!

Victor and Lachy stayed up until midnight to play Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4. Watch ad they try their very best to get some serious Tekken 7 Trophies.

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Table Football Pro Let’s Play – Better Than AFL Evolution

Victor and Madz are back with some Table Football Pro the steam game! Very simple and cheap but there is some fun to be had here.

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Necrosphere Let’s Play – 2 Button Platformer!

Welcome to Necrosphere the 2 button platformer on steam! Madz takes the controller while Victor tries to figure out who the main protagonist is. Necrosphere brings it with its difficulty and enjoyment.

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Prey Let’s Play – Just use the stairs?

Victor and Jeff are back with another Prey Let’s Play. Victor is finding out just how much it is to use the GLOO Cannon and Jeff is frustrated because there are stairs close by.

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GIBZ Let’s Play – The Final Boss (Final Part)

It’s time. The end boss in GIBZ has arrived and Victor and Lachy are here to kick some serious ass. They both have huge shotguns and are preparing for battle.

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Crowd Smashers Let’s Play – Early Access Goodness!

Victor and Lachy were blessed enough to get a Early Access steam of for Crowd Smashers. Watch as they play Crowd Smashers Multiplayer as well as competition mode! Crowd Smashers is in early access and a lot of fun!

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Prey Let’s Play – The GLOO Cannon!

Victor and Jeff are here with their Prey Let’s Play. Watch as their keen instincts tell them which items are actually hidden aliens!

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