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Let’s Play

FOR THE KING – Two Character Mode ONLINE CO-OP!

For The King is a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Victor and Madz team up in this epic Steam game!

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Jeff and Victor are taking shortcuts this time around. As a traffic detective they need all the time saving tips they can get! This case in LA Noire is a hard one to crack. A car has been stolen and abandoned. Who did it?

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Knowledge is Power #2 – IS BITCOIN WORTH IT?!

Victor, Jeff and Madz are back in Knowledge is Power the brand new Playlink game on the PS4. Who will take the victory this time and prove to be the better quiz master?

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Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC – Isabel’s Adventure

God, how many Infinite Minigolf videos can these two do. It’s seriously starting to get pathetic… Victor and Jeff face off in blah blah blah Isabel’s Adventure. Enjoy!

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L.A Noire #2 – Crashing IN THE DRIVERS SEAT

Victor and Jeff are back in L.A Noire. They have finally been promoted and are rocking the classy cheap suit. Victor and Jeff investigate an abandoned car with LOTS of blood.

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Knowledge is Power #1 – The Trivia Game of the Future!

Madz, Jeff and Victor face off in our very first trivia game! Knowledge is Power just came out for the PS4 Playlink! Who will win? Stay tuned to find out.

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In this episode Madz and Lachy team up to try and take on the competition. It’s hard playing Call of Duty WWII against people with no lives however!

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Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC – Getting That Pirate Booty

Victor and the champ Jeff are back in Infinite Minigolf! This time they put on their eye patches and play in the Tortuga DLC. Who will win?

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L.A Noire #1 – “The Victim Appears to be Circumcised”

L.A Noire has been re released on the PS4 and Jeff and Victor are on the case! In this on going series, watch as the guys use their detective skills to solve crimes!

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Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer – PURE COD ANGER!

Victor and Lachy team up in Call of Duty WWII. The horrible memories of hatred starts to come back to the duo as they remember how frustrating COD games can be.

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