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Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay – I AM SUPER VEGETA!

Madz and Victor got the Beta to work finally! With a very basic understanding of the controls, they head online in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Vegeta, Goku and some bald useless guy with Senzu Beans work together to win!

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THE PUBG BLITZ – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay

The rules are simple. For a straight hour, the player MUST head into the most busy areas of the map, must head towards every close care package and must head towards all nearby gun fire that they hear. If you have more kill then deaths by the end of the …

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The Red Lipstick Murder – L.A Noire Gameplay [PART 5]

There is the color red, there is lipstick and there is a crime scene. Victor and Jeff are back in LA Noire this time they are investigating the Red Lipstick Murder. Who did it and when they solve the crime is it the correct person they caught?

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Nine Parchments Co-Op – Adventure Awaits! (ep1)

In this new ongoing series of Nine Parchments, Victor as Cornelius Crownsteed and Madz as Gislan of Alcyon team up to collect the Nine Parchments that have been lost to their mage order.

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L.A Noire #4 – TRUTH OR LIES?!

Victor and Jeff put their detective hats on once again in this interesting case that makes many turns. What starts out as a hit and run, quickly turns far more complex. This is a Marriage made in Heaven in LA Noire.

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Door Kickers: Action Squad – QUICKLY, DEFUSE THE BOMB!

Many hostages have been saved by this duo in the past. Now they are called upon once again to defuse the biggest bomb in history. Victor and Lachy team up once again in Door Kickers: Action Squad!

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The aim of Cutthroat is to find your opponent before they find you. Blend into a large crowd and act naturally until you are ready to Strike. Cutthroat is a steam game that is worth every penny! In this episode Victor and Lachy face off in the ultimate Cutthroat 1V1! …

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Door Kickers: Action Squad – DON’T SHOOT THE HOSTAGES

A few weeks ago Victor did an Indie Showcase in Door Kickers Action Squad. Little did he know at the time that he would eventually be teaming up with Lachy! Victor the shield and Lachy the Assaulter. Will they save all of the hostages?!

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Victor and Madz are back in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. This duo only get to team up once every week or fortnight so when they do they make it count. Watch as they wipe out other duo’s in split seconds, get perfect headshots and use the water to their advantage. Could a …

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Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC – A NAILBITING FINISH!

It’s the final map for the Infinite Minigolf Tortuga DLC! Jeff has been outstanding this series and Victor has been nipping at his ankles. Who will win the final match?

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