Tuesday , September 26 2017
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Everybody’s Golf debuts at #1 in Japan!

The Clap Hanz and Sony Japan Studio title Everybody’s Golf launched exclusively on PS4 last Thursday, August 31st in Japan (29th in the US). Since it’s release, it debuted at #6 in the UK. As for Japan, according to Media Create it moved just a bit above 100K units (clocking …

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy – CRUSHING DIFFICULTY | Chapter 9 (FINAL)

The final Chapter of Uncharted The Lost Legacy on Crushing Difficulty! Watch Victor and Jeff slowly make their way through End of the Line!

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Knack 2 – Discovering Co-Op!

Victor and Jeff jump into the soon release Knack 2! Little did they know they could do co-op and lay a whole innocent village to rubble!

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Everybody’s Golf – DEEP IN THE ROUGH (Part 2 of 3)

We are back in Everybody’s Golf! Victor took out round 1 and is looking for a perfect 3 wins in a row! Jeff however is on the prowl and eager to get a victory! Who will win!?

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The Lost Bear – Firefly All Collectables Trophy!

Victor shows you all the locations for the Firefly Trophy in The Lost Bear. Smash all of the Firefly Jars!

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The Lost Bear – Honey Bear Trophy Guide

In this video Victor will show you how to get the Honey Bear Trophy in The Lost Bear. Find Walnut’s Brother eating honey!

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy – CRUSHING DIFFICULTY | Chapter 8

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 8 Partners! Watch us struggle through but come out on top!

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GAME POLL – Which Bethesda Series Is Better?!?

Welcome to our latest ‘thing’ on the Unclenched website! Every so often we will be asking a question that we want YOU to vote on! What does this achieve? Well nothing… BUT it does give us a new topic for our Podcast as well as a way for us to …

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The Lost Bear PSVR Review

Victor is here with his The Lost Bear PSVR Review. The Lost Bear isn’t your ordinary PSVR game. Watch the reasons why here!

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Everybody’s Golf – THE NEW RIVALRY! (Part 1 of 3)

Everybody’s Golf is out, and Victor and Jeff go HEAD TO HEAD in a 1 on 1 competition! Who will win round 1!?

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