Sunday , September 24 2017
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Tabletop Knights – Catan (Pilot Episode)

Victor and Lachy are joined by our brand new Games master Madz in the very first episode of Tabletop Knights! Catan’s rules are simple, first to score 10 points win. Collect resources by rolling the dice number near your settlements, use the resources to build roads so that you can …

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Need for Drink reminds us of our weekends. Victor and Lachy run around drinking perfume and burping their guts up! FKN WEIRD!

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Prey Let’s Play – Just use the stairs?

Victor and Jeff are back with another Prey Let’s Play. Victor is finding out just how much it is to use the GLOO Cannon and Jeff is frustrated because there are stairs close by.

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Constructor – Hands on Preview

In this video Victor walks you through the Constructor demo on steam. Constructor is a city building game with a bit of a mob influence on it. Check out more details on the System 3 website!

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AFL Evolution Written Review

The talk of the town this week in gaming news (well in Australia at least) has been around AFL Evolution, a long awaited brand spanking game from Australia’s most beloved sport. The last game we got was AFL Live 2 back in 2013 on your favourite consoles PS3 and Xbox360, …

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Behind the Clench – Building the Set

This week on Behind the Clench, Victor and Jeff gather the last few pieces needed for the podcast set to be created. Watch as they fast forward themselves to create what is now The Podcast Set.

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Bloody Zombies VR Co-op Game – WE CAN’T WAIT

Bloody Zombies  developed by Paw Print Games is a game that we at the Unclenched Office have been waiting for. Let’s seriously consider who can afford multiple VR Headsets, not many people and it seems that the crew at Paw Print Games have thought the exact same thing. Bloody Zombies …

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GIBZ Let’s Play – The Final Boss (Final Part)

It’s time. The end boss in GIBZ has arrived and Victor and Lachy are here to kick some serious ass. They both have huge shotguns and are preparing for battle.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Written Review

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes place in the LOTR universe. I’m sure if you’re a huge Tolkien buff you may recognize some references in this game, but besides the mainstream ones, I didn’t recognize them. Despite being a big fan of the movies and having read The Hobbit, I consider myself …

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Crowd Smashers Let’s Play – Early Access Goodness!

Victor and Lachy were blessed enough to get a Early Access steam of for Crowd Smashers. Watch as they play Crowd Smashers Multiplayer as well as competition mode! Crowd Smashers is in early access and a lot of fun!

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