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Call of Duty WWII Trailer Thoughts

There are 3 games that I have been waiting to be released for many years now, Skate 4, Fight Night Round 5 and a proper World War II Game.

While not all of my hopes and dreams have come true yet, one of them seems to have clawed their way into ours laps with this latest announcement that the next Call of Duty game would be set in World War II. Back in the early Playstation 2 days it seemed all we were getting was WWII games over and over. With game franchises like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and a bunch of smaller named series’s pumping out pretty much the same game for many years, we all got a little sick and tired of WWII.

The last few years however have seen a serious lack of content that is in WWII and it was greatly missed from the gaming community. Today the first official trailer for Call of Duty WWII was released and while I wasn’t jumping out of my seat, I was thinking about how amazing this game could actually be. Basically I am already over hyping the game up in my head and giving it a very slim chance to meet all of my expectations.

I want to storm Normandy Beach and I wanted to almost cry because I am overly attached to certain characters, I want to scream out MEDIC!!! WE NEED A MEDIC!!!!! in real life while playing this game and really get a sense of how incredibly scary WWII was.

After watching the trailer I really believe Sledgehammer Games wants us to do and feel the same way. The sound of the planes flying over head, the noises the bullets make when just missing your head, the voices of your comrades screaming for help, the vision of splintering wood and explosions… all of this and more was captured in the reveal trailer. Like I said before, I am not jumping out of my seat… yet. But I am remaining hopeful that all of our dreams come true with this title. We have waited long enough and we deserve the best WWII game there is to offer.

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