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Bloody Zombies VR Co-op Game – WE CAN’T WAIT

Bloody Zombies  developed by Paw Print Games is a game that we at the Unclenched Office have been waiting for. Let’s seriously consider who can afford multiple VR Headsets, not many people and it seems that the crew at Paw Print Games have thought the exact same thing.

Bloody Zombies brings together any combination of TV/Monitor and VR Headset players and allows up to one to four player co-op online or from the couch. This kind of game is one that is very much needed in the VR world. However if you do not currently own a VR Headset you are still able to play this game in it’s full capacity.

This co-op brawler is set in a London Wasteland, where 4 brave hardened cockney misfits must work together to fight back Bloody Zombie Hordes.

Sadly for us Blood Zombies will be playable at the MCM London Comic Con on the 26th of May, us poor lads down under won’t be able to make it sadly, however we look forward to seeing more of this game in action!

View the full trailer below!

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