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Unclenched Team

Where do we even begin?? Shit we honestly have no idea. We all love video games and making people laugh. Why not use our skills to share our brand of humour and love for games with the world.

GAME SCOOP – Nintendo Switch SELLS BIG & PUBG vs Lawbreakers!

This week on GAME SCOOP, Wes the Aussie Gamer gives us a run through of just how much the Nintendo Switch has been selling in the US. The creators of Lawbreakers are also blaming PUBG on their low sales for the game. Is it true though?

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The Red Lipstick Murder – L.A Noire Gameplay [PART 5]

There is the color red, there is lipstick and there is a crime scene. Victor and Jeff are back in LA Noire this time they are investigating the Red Lipstick Murder. Who did it and when they solve the crime is it the correct person they caught?

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A Game of Thrones Catan Let’s Play – Tabletop Knights

Victor, Jeff and Madz team up as well as compete in the new A Game of Thrones version of Catan. In this Brotherhood of the Watch setup, the three of them must work together as well compete in order to gain the most victory points as well as guards stationed …

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The ABC’s Of Raiders Of The North Sea – #DADDBG

Thanks for watching the ABC’s of Raiders of the North Sea, designed by Shem Phillips, illustrated by Mihajlo Dimitrievski and published by Garphill Games! The ABC’s (A.nalysis/Overview, B.asic Rules, C.ompnents/conclusion) is a quick and simple break down of games to give you a high level overview. We cover the basics …

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Nine Parchments Co-Op – Adventure Awaits! (ep1)

In this new ongoing series of Nine Parchments, Victor as Cornelius Crownsteed and Madz as Gislan of Alcyon team up to collect the Nine Parchments that have been lost to their mage order.

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VR Bros – Shooty Fruity VR

Fruit is apart of our everyday life but in Shooty Fruity that means something completely different. In this epidosde of VR Bros Victor and Jeff take on hordes of fruit with their piles of guns, all while doing their day job of working at a super market!

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L.A Noire #4 – TRUTH OR LIES?!

Victor and Jeff put their detective hats on once again in this interesting case that makes many turns. What starts out as a hit and run, quickly turns far more complex. This is a Marriage made in Heaven in LA Noire.

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Door Kickers: Action Squad – QUICKLY, DEFUSE THE BOMB!

Many hostages have been saved by this duo in the past. Now they are called upon once again to defuse the biggest bomb in history. Victor and Lachy team up once again in Door Kickers: Action Squad!

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The aim of Cutthroat is to find your opponent before they find you. Blend into a large crowd and act naturally until you are ready to Strike. Cutthroat is a steam game that is worth every penny! In this episode Victor and Lachy face off in the ultimate Cutthroat 1V1! …

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Top 10 Moments of Unclenched 2017

Here we have it, the top 10 moment of Unclenched in 2017. These highlights include a mixture of funny moments in gaming as well as some personal accomplishments! We hope you enjoy. See you next year!

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