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03/05/2017 8:32 am  

An important goal for us here is to make sure you are all happy with how the forum works and runs. Obviously the forum is in early stages so far and it does cost money to run/upkeep and even to upgrade. 

Over the next few weeks/months the following items will be added to the forum. 

1. Private Messaging. We want you all to be able to PM each other eventually. It is not a feature we neglected to turn on but a feature we actually still have to get built into the site. 

2. YouTuber of the week banner. Each week the team at Unclenched will be choosing a YouTuber or Content creator with their own space (website or channel) to advertise on the forum with a small banner above the actual Topic area. This is something that needs more thought and discussion and we will grab your feedback to make it happen.

3. More mobile friendly. As it stands our website is fairly user friendly however the forum is not. Over the next few months we will be re building the forum to hopefully make it a tad more mobile friendly. Less things sticking out of the sides etc. The forum is made to be used on a desktop, so I will be doing a poll soon to see how you use this forum.

Any other feedback is most welcome and we would love to hear your thoughts!

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