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10 Gifts for Gamers, Unclenched Style

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are completely confused by what to get their friends, family members or co workers for Christmas and Birthdays. It can even be harder when that person is only interested in gaming, do you risk getting them a game that they already have or do you spoil the surprise and ask them what game they want? Why do either of those when you can just follow this easy guide. (Estimated prices as based on the Australian Dollar)

Gift Idea 1 – Xbox Live or Playstation Network subscription.

Almost every gamer has a current console and if they do that means they are guaranteed to want or need a subscription card in order to play online. I personally pay for my subscription monthly but even if I was to get it as a gift, it would still save me a good chunk of money. It’s also a very flexible gift idea since a lot of the time you can get either a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription all of which are well under $100.

XBOX Live Subscription
Playstation Network Subscription

Gift Idea 2 – Xbox Live or Playstation Network Money.

Similar to the previous gift, the Online store gift card idea is something every modern gamer can use. It might come as a bit of a shock but there is a large portion of games that are online only. Stores like EB Games and JB-Hi-Fi (Australian gaming stores) sell most games but the Playstation and Xbox Online store also have a large catalogue of games. Each month, both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network have huge online sales that make games cheaper than in real stores. Once again this gift can come in $20, $50 and $100 variations.

XBOX Live Gift Card
Playstation Network Gift Card

Gift Idea 3 – Custom Console Controller.

This is one of my favourite gift ideas on this list. Most gamers have the standard controller that came with the console. Nothing wrong with that, they are great simple controllers however I guarantee you that no gamer will be upset when they open their gift and see a custom Gears of War 4 Controller or a Camouflage design Playstation 4 controller. These controllers will cost you upwards of $79. However if you want to take it to the next level there are also Elite controllers available.

XBOX One Gears of War 4 Controller
PS4 Camouflage Controller
XBOX Elite Controller


Gift Idea 4 – Game Themed Books.

Sadly this gift isn’t for every gamer. A decent portion of the gamer community enjoy reading books, I myself read at least 1 book a month. Every few months I pick up a book that is a game themed book. This year as a matter of fact I read 2 Assassins Creed books and a Diablo book. If your gift receiver loves a particular game franchise there is a good chance that there is a book series to go along with it. Why not give the gift of an extended story of some of their favourite gaming characters. This gift is also on the cheaper end.

Gift Idea 5 – A Game Theme Board Game.

This is a gift that a non gamer has the ability to enjoy as well. Monopoly is a board game that can be enjoyed by a large amount of people. In the last few years Parker Brothers has been getting together with game developers to do a themed Monopoly Board. Some of these include Zelda, Pokemon, Fallout and even Halo. This gift will cost under $70 and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Fallout Monopoly
Halo Monopoly


Gift Idea 6 – Beer and Cheetos.

Snacking is a gamers favourite way to pass the time in-between loading screens and online games. If you want a super cheap but creative gift for a gamer friend then this is the one. Most of us perform better under the influence of alcohol.

Gift Idea 7 – Gift Cards.

Gift Cards are everyone’s best friend. Not only can you pick the exact amount you want to spend on the person but you also put all the power to that person by letting them choose the gift themselves. At the top of the post I mentioned that it can be risky choosing a game for a friend because they might already have it. By getting them a gift card that eliminates the chances of getting them something they don’t want or need. The best thing about this gift is that the chances they get gift cards from other people is really high and they will be able to combine those together to get themselves 1 huge gift.

Gift Idea 8 – Game Themed Mug.

This idea is probably the cheapest gift idea on the list. Most gamers these days are pretty proud to be one and have no problem with flaunting their love for games. So why not help them show off their passion by getting them a gaming mug of their favourite game so that they can take it to work or use it in front of friends and family. You are almost guaranteed to be able to find a mug of the person’s favourite game.

Pikachu Mug
Assassins Creed Mug

Gift Idea 9 – A Game Collectible.

Game collectibles are awesome, plain and simple. Our gaming office here at Unclenched is full of them including steel books, huge gaming statues and toys. This gift can start at a low price and work its way up to hundreds depending on how much you want to spend. All you need to do is figure out which gaming series the gamer enjoys and simply jump on eBay and have a look. I’ll leave a link to some awesome examples to give you an idea. This is a gift that will be proudly displayed in their houses for years to come.

Gears of War 4 Statue
Fallout Boy Figure
Watch Dogs 2 Figure
Assassins Creed Bust


Gift Idea 10 – Retro Consoles or Games.

If you want to be the best gift giver ever then Retro Games and Consoles are amazing. Most gamers have a long precious gaming past and have probably thought at one time or another to recreate their old gaming collection. My lovely partner recently bought me a Nintendo 64 and it is one of my most prized possessions. It was the perfect motivation to start recollecting old games and a great way to relive old gaming experiences. I find most of my retro games on eBay or in pawn shops. If you are lucky and smart you will be able to bag a great deal if you shop around and be patient.

I really hoped you enjoyed our list of the top 10 gifts to get a gamer. If you have any more recommendations feel free to leave us a comment. Also if this list helped you let us know! If you are still not sure what to get someone for Christmas how about heading to the Unclenched Store!

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